Download Remini Mod APK for PC – 2024 (Windows 8, 10, 11)

The thrill of using Android apps on your laptop or a big computer screen is second to none. Most people wonder if they can use Android apps on a PC, and one of the examples is users regularly searching for Remini Mod APK for PC. 

Though it’s possible to use Remini for PC but you may need an Android emulator for it. This is a software that stimulates Android devices on your PC, so you can use the Android version of the app on your computer. 

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Advantages of Using Remini Mod APK For PC

While the mobile version offers a great experience, there are multiple advantages to utilising Remini’s features on PC. The vibrant Full HD screen can enhance your creativity, especially when it comes to editing your images. 

Low-Quality Enhancer

Transforming your low-quality images into high-quality portraits is just a thing of a few taps in the web version of the app. Gone are the days when people would prefer deleting photos with blurriness. In today’s world, thanks to tremendous advancements in AI, converting blurry, low-quality, and dark images to clear & visually appealing photos is easily possible.

before and after improving quality of an image using remini mod apk for pc

Face Enhancer

Remini’s PC version can enhance your face to give it a soft natural look. The AI-equipped algorithm makes any wrinkle on your face vanish, making the skin more clear and beautiful. 

Beautify any of your images with this feature easily by following a few taps.

Background Enhancer

With the help of this feature, any blurry or unclear background in your image can be enhanced. The details of each element can be seen with much brighter looks. In case, there is any unwanted object in the background you want to remove, it can be done as well. You can even change the whole background image if needed.

Colour Fixer & Face Glow

As we usually take images randomly without any lighting and expensive equipment, the results most of the time are not up to the mark. Some of the photos have bad lighting, some of them have unpleasant colours, while the face in most of them is dark as well.

This is where Remini for PC comes to the rescue, the app when installed on the PC can fix colours automatically and give your face a glowy touch with the most natural tone possible. 

before and after fixing colour and giving glow to an image for a baby girl

There are numerous other features from which you can benefit while working on the web version of the app. Some of them are: 

Creating your AI avatars, Viewing your future self, enhancing your videos, converting your selfies into cartoons, and restoring old black-and-white photos with a modern touch.

Minimum Requirements for PC

The system requirements for using the Remini app on your computer are quite low. Today’s high-end laptops and PCs, equipped with powerful processors, DDR5 RAMs, and superfast NVMe SSDs exceed the necessary specifications. You will need approximately:

  • An Intel Core i3-2nd Generation laptop or computer. However, higher specifications would be beneficial.
  • Windows 7 is the minimum requirement but Windows 8, 10, & 11 are recommended for fast processing.
  • A minimum of 4 GB DDR3 RAM, while 8 to 16 GB DDR4 is the perfect match.
  • 4 GB of HDD storage; having an M.2 SSD in your laptop is even better.

How to Use Remini On PC

There are two ways you can use the Remini app on a PC:

1. Remini Web Version 

This is the official version from Remini. You can access it on a browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. However, as compared to the mobile version there are some limitations that make the web version not a great fit for all your editing needs.

Pros & Cons of the Web Version


  • The interface is designed so well that even a non-technical person can edit their photos with ease.
  • You can enhance your photos with a big bright screen while analysing each detail.
  • You can test the app before buying the paid version.


  • You need a paid subscription or a free trial to use the web version with full features.
  • Even in the paid subscription, some of the features are not available in the web version.
  • The photos edited in the free mood, have watermarks on them making the edited version of no use.

2. Remini Mod Mobile Version With Emulators

The Mobile version of the app can be used on your PC through an Android emulator. Emulators allow you to run Android apps on a computer. There are several of them you can download to use Remini on Windows. 

The most secured and downloaded ones are Blue Stacks and LD Player. We recommend you to proceed with Blue Stacks.

How to Download Blue Stacks Emulator:

  • Search for “Download Blue Stack emulator” in a web browser.
  • Download the emulator from its official website.
  • Install it on your computer.
  • Once installed, Click on the icon appearing on the home screen.
  • The Blue stack Emulator will be open. To install Remini, you need to put your Gmail ID in the app.
  • Download the Remini app from the Google Play Store, available in Blue Stacks.
  • Install Remini for PC & Boom, You can use the app version on your PC.

However, If you want to use the Mod version of the Remini, download it from our website and Install it in the Blue Stacks as it has an option to load APK files as well.

Pros & Cons of Using Remini Via an Emulator:


  • You can use the app more effectively with the big screen.
  • The features that are not available on the web version are available in the mobile version, You can have it all on the PC via the emulator.
  • If you download the Remini Mod APK, you can even use some extra features.


  • The app needs a paid subscription if downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • You need an active internet connection to perform your tasks.


Yes, You can download it from our website.

Yes, you can use Remini Mod apk on windows. You either choose to use the official web version or download the Mod version from our website.

No, It unfortunately does not work offline.

Yes, it does increase photo resolution.

Final Words

Whether you opt for the official web version or go for the modded version through an emulator, the advantages of utilizing Remini on a larger screen with a vibrant Full HD colour are crystal clear. 

In the photo editing industry, Remini stands out as a reliable choice, providing users with a platform to enhance their images and offering multiple other features while seamlessly enjoying the editing experience on a PC.