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A Guide to Understanding the Impact of AI on Photography

At the Sony World Photography Awards 2023, a German photographer Boris Eldagsen refused to accept the award for the best photographer for a photo called “The Electrician”.  Do you know why he rejected the award? 

Because the photo was created with the help of AI and was not an original one taken by a camera. Such is the way artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the photography industry. Here in this article, let’s explore the impact of AI on photography overall.

What is Artificial Intelligence In Photography

Artificial intelligence in photography refers to the applications of AI algorithms in photography in order to automate certain tasks for better improvements of images. It helps automate tasks like image enhancement, object detection, automated editing, and facial recognition.

How AI is Shaping Photography

With the advancement in technology and the recent development in AI, every industry is being impacted on a large scale. Be it tech fields like programming where ChatGPT and Gemini help coders with writing codes, or text-to-image generator tools like Midjourney or Dale-3 where you write a text prompt, and these AI image generators create stunning portraits based on your prompt. These images generated through text prompts are now called Promptogrophy, a new term proposed by a photographer named Christian Vinces.

The impact of AI on photography is increasing day by day with the new AI photo editing tools released in the market regularly. Some of the most famous AI photo enhancers are:

Here is how AI is shaping photography with the help of photo editing softwares:

Image Enhancement

AI photo editing software like Remini enhances images with the help of machine learning algorithms. Low-quality, blurry photos are transformed into high-quality, ultra-HD images that would have seemed impossible a decade ago. But now thanks to the latest advancement in artificial intelligence, it has made it possible to restore your old photos into clear crystal portraits.

before and after improving quality of an image using remini mod apk for pc

Object Detection

Using Artificial intelligence in photo editing software has opened new ways of object detection in an image. Photographers with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms can detect objects and perform specific tasks based on requirements such as removing an unwanted object from the photo or replacing it with the desired one.

Automated Editing

With the help of AI, tools like Remini have enabled people to edit and enhance their photos with automated editing. With just a few taps, you can turn your images into stunning photos, reducing noise, and fixing colors, automatically.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology is also one of the AI’s incredible applications. It helps recognize people in images. This feature also helps in security situations such as in airports, where AI-enabled booths recognize people automatically when clearing immigration.


Though AI is not ruining the photography industry and helps constantly improve image quality and automate certain tasks, it does have some negative impacts because of text-to-image generator tools. It’s so easy to create deep fakes of people in unusual and awkward styles.

AI is utilized in photo editing through various techniques that enhance image quality, restore old or damaged photos, and correct colors. These advancements have revolutionized the photo editing process, making it more efficient and effective.

Absolutely! AI can significantly improve the quality of your photos by enhancing texture, lighting, tones, and colors. It can automatically adjust settings like brightness, contrast, and warmth to enhance the overall appearance of your images, resulting in more visually appealing and professional-looking photos.

While AI has a significant impact on photo editing, it cannot completely replace it. There will always be human interference needed.

While there are multiple AI photo editors such as Lensa, Topaz Photo AI, YouCam Perfect, and Fotor, etc. Remini is considered as one of the best because of its easy-to-use interface and automated image enhancement feature.

Final Words

With the passage of time, AI is helping the photography industry in many ways. It’s automating tasks for photographers, leaving them to invest their time in other important things. AI has also revolutionized the photography industry with tools like Midjourey and Dall-E 3. Creative professionals write detailed written prompts and these tools generate stunning photos that look like real images. Overall, AI is impacting photography in a positive way.