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How To Get Remini Premium Free Trial? A Guide To Free Use of Remini

Remini is one of the most popular photo editing apps worldwide. By getting a premium version, you can perform numerous tasks with your images such as enhancing and resizing, creating AI Avatars, restoring old photos, removing blurriness from images, etc.

As some of the tasks can’t be performed by a basic version, a question arises: how to get Remini Premium free trial? Let’s discuss a step by step guide on how to obtain it.

What is Remini Premium or Remini Pro?

Remini pro is the premium version of the app that requires you to buy a subscription to use the advanced features of the app.

Can You Get Remini Premium Subscription For Free?

Though you cannot get a full premium subscription free of cost, you can get a free trial for a week where you will have access to all the premium features for free.

How To Get Remini Premium Free Trial? A Step By Step Guide

  • First of all, download & install Remini-AI Photo Enhancer from the Google Play Store.
  • After the installation, Open the app & click on the “Get Started Button” appearing at the bottom of the screen.
Get started screenshot - How to get remini premium free trial
  • Click on the “Accept All and Continue” button.
  • Then, tap on the forward arrow button 4 times when it appears with different images.
  • Now, Select any of the weekly plans between a “Pro Plan” or a “Lite Plan”. I suggest going with the Pro Version.
  • Next, Select “Enable Free Trial ” and click on Start free trial.
select a plan screenshot - how to get remini premium free trial
  • Once you have selected the plan, then enter Payment details. Don’t worry you won’t be charged a single penny for the trail version.
  • Lastly, click on the subscribe button at the bottom of the screen.
Subscribe to free trial
  • Wait for a few seconds, and boom. You are subscribed to the free trial for the weekly Pro version.

You can check your subscription details in the settings section of Google Play store by clicking “Payment & Subscription”.

check Remini subscription on Google play store


Yes, the Remini free trial is safe to use. With over a 100 million users using Remini on a daily basis, they trust the app completely.

Remini’s free trial is for 7 days.

No, you don’t need to pay for a free trial, you just have to put in your debit/credit card details in order to be eligible for a free trial. You can cancel the subscription anytime before the 7th day of the free trial free of cost, after that you will be charged a monthly or weekly subscription cost as per your requirements.

Final Words

Subscribing to the free trial allows you to access Remini’s premium features, including creating AI avatars, viewing future selves, restoring old photos, removing blurriness, and eliminating unwanted objects from pictures at no cost.

As you don’t need to pay a single dollar, you can perform most of your photo editing work on a free trial. If you have a large number of images that need editing, you may consider opting for a premium subscription. Alternatively, you can download the mod version from our website for free, allowing you to access premium features without charge.