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Remini Vs Topaz – Choosing the Best AI Photo Enhancer

In today’s digital age, photo editors have become essential tools for millions of people worldwide. According to Future Media Insights, the global market for Photo editing apps is projected to reach $572.3 million by 2033. With every 4 out of 10 people using such apps on their mobile phones, the industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. 

The Google Play Store and App Store have hundreds of photo editors available, providing services to the diverse needs of users. Web-based applications are also gaining popularity among photography enthusiasts who prefer to edit their images online.

With such a wide range of options available, selecting the best photo editing app can be confusing. To simplify the decision-making process for you, let’s compare two of the most popular AI photo enhancers: Remini Vs Topaz.

A Quick Overview of Remini Vs Topaz

Let’s have a look at the quick introduction of Remini and Topaz.

Remini AI-Photo Enhancer

image enhanced through Remini

Remini is an AI photo editor that enhances low-quality images and transforms them into high-definition portraits. Considered one of the best in the industry, its unique AI-equipped features have attracted over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store alone.

Topaz Photo AI

Specifically designed for professional photographers, Topaz is an AI photo enhancer that makes your unfocused, noisy, and blurred shots perfect. It helps you maximize your image’s potential by increasing resolution, reducing noise, and correcting colors with the help of AI technology.

Topaz Photo Ai - a picture before and after enhancing

Comparison of Features: Remini Vs Topaz

Increasing Resolution

Remini’s feature of increasing image resolution is notable for its ability to produce extraordinary results, often outperforming its competitors. However, Topaz takes this capability one step further by providing exceptional detail to fill in broken pixels and transform images into stunning pieces of art.

Enhancing Image Quality

When it comes to enhancing the quality of images, both Remini and Topaz do a wonderful job. Remini’s AI-equipped capabilities allow users to reduce noise, enhance facial features, and correct colors which results in improved image quality. 

Similarly, Topaz utilizes machine learning and AI algorithms to enhance image quality, ensuring the delivery of exceptional results. Most people prefer to retouch their photos for better looks before posting them on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Creating AI Avatars

The creation of AI avatars has become a popular trend in today’s AI-driven world, with social media users frequently sharing AI-generated images of themselves in various characters and styles. Remini offers a great feature for creating AI avatars, once you provide it with a minimum of eight different selfies, it will generate your avatar in the selected style.

Topaz, Unfortunately, lacks this functionality, meaning you cannot generate AI avatars in the photo editor.


Although Remini is a mobile app and Topaz Photo AI is designed specifically for PCs, both platforms offer a user-friendly interface. In Remini, you can easily navigate through tools and options with just a few taps, while in Topaz Photo AI, you can achieve the same with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Editing options

Both Remini and Topaz Photo AI primarily focus on image enhancement rather than offering full-fledged editing capabilities like those found in Adobe Photoshop. While Remini sets itself apart with features such as AI avatar generators, Topaz is focused on providing advanced image enhancement features like noise reduction, upscaling, and image sharpening. Further explore similar photo editing applications by reading our comparison of Remini and Lensa in our blog.

Key-Differences: Remini Vs Topaz

Let’s check what are the key differences between Remini Vs Topaz.

Seeing Your Future SelfYesNo
Creating AI AvatarsYesNo
Available as an AppYesNo
Enhance VideosYesNo
Monthly SubscriptionYesNo
One-time PaymentNoYes
Best for Wildlife PhotographersNoYes
Available as a PC softwareNoYes


Remini offers an annual subscription for $75, while Topaz Photo AI provides a one-time payment option of $199 for a lifetime deal, without any monthly or yearly subscription.


No, Topaz doesn’t have a mobile app. It’s compatible only with Windows PC or Mac.

Both apps are popular for their AI capabilities. The choice depends on your editing needs. While Remini is ideal for instant image enhancement, Topaz, on the other hand, excels in upscaling and enlarging images.

Topaz offers a one-time payment for a lifetime deal, while Remini has monthly and yearly subscriptions. Depending on your requirements, Remini might be suitable for short-term projects, whereas Topaz is better for long-term or continuous use.

Final Words

Based on the above-detailed comparison, it is demonstrated that Remini and Topaz, both are two of the most widely used AI photo enhancers to date. However, choosing one from them depends on your personal preferences. 

Remini is popular for its AI avatars, and instant image enhancement, so if your priorities are creating AI avatars or enhancing your images instantly, Remini might be the perfect fit. 

Topaz Photo AI, on the other hand, is a good choice for image upscaling and noise reduction. You might select it for enlarging low-resolution images, reducing noise, and for professional-level editing.