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Remini Vs Lensa: Select the Best Photo Editor For Your Pics

In the vast ocean of photo editing apps, Remini and Lensa are two of the most widely used. The reason behind their success is their useful features and easy-to-use interface. Before deciding to download a photo editor on the Google Play Store, you should always read a few articles to gather some insights from users. 

Being a photography enthusiast myself, I regularly test and use newly launched photo editing apps personally. Based on my experience with both of them, let’s compare Remini Vs Lensa.

A Feature-Wise Overview of Remini Vs Lensa

Remini – Ai Photo Enhancer

When it comes to photo enhancement, there is no competition to Remini. The AI-equipped capabilities make it a go-to choice for easy image restoration. When Remini was initially launched in July 2019 by Bending Spoons, users from all across the world started to download it and made it one of the most liked photo editing apps on Google Play Store.

image enhancement through remini

Features of Remini

  • Restoring Old Photos: The AI-equipped movie-grade technology in the app lets you restore old photos to modern quality. Simply upload any old, damaged, or blurry image from your gallery, and the app will automatically process the picture to transform it into the best quality possible. Deleting your low-quality photos should not be an option anymore. Remini, the AI-Photo Enhancer, is your go-to app for all your image enhancement needs.
  • AI Photos with Generative AI: It’s not just the development of AI tools in writing software like ChatGPT and Google Bard that lets you write content, code, blog posts, etc. Generative AI has a remarkable impact on the photography industry as well. Tools like Midjourney allow you to generate photos based on your written prompt. Remini, on the other hand, creates AI photos of yourself in multiple styles if you provide a few different images of yourself. The app trains its model on your provided images and then, by selecting the available style in the app, it will transform your face into the selected style, making it appear as if it were captured in that particular artistic manner.
  • Denoiser: Remini’s Denoising technology is capable of removing grain and noise from photographs. With the help of Denioser, it clearly reveals the hidden details you might not have noticed before. Thanks to today’s technology, it’s much easier to edit any part of the photo with any customization if needed.
  • Photo and Video Sharpener: Along with the images, Remini can convert blurry and unclear videos to a sharper and high-definition quality as well. Out-of-focus elements in an image or video can be transformed into an HD and professional-looking shot.

Lensa: AI Photo Editor

Lensa, an aesthetic photo enhancer that retouches portraits, providing endless filters and effects is downloaded more than 10 million times on the Google Play Store. It has over 189K reviews with a 4.2-star rating.

Lensa ai photo editor

Features of Lensa

  • Bokeh Effect: The bokeh effect is quite rare in photo editing apps, allowing you to blur the background and add shining round circle icons. This creative touch not only enhances your image quality but also takes your photography professionalism to the next level.
  • Sky Effect: The Lensa app offers a unique sky effect that allows you to enhance your background with various sky images. From 35 different options, you can choose the one that suits your photo. For instance, if your image was taken during the day, you can add a bright blue sky, while a nighttime photo can be complemented by a sky full of shining stars.
  • Art Styles: Have you ever imagined yourself being in a piece of art that a famous artist has created? If yes, you will love the feature in Lensa that lets you transform your photos into stunning art styles. In the Art Style feature of the app, you have different style options such as converting your images into cartoon characters, creating texture-style images, transforming your photos into dramatic art, etc.
  • Filters: Photography in today’s digital age is incomplete without image filters. With the emergence of advanced photo editing apps, images taken by any camera can be transformed into high-quality portraits. With around 35 unique filters in the app, it’s easy to enhance your photos to an expert level, producing high-resolution images that are clearer and more visually appealing.

Comparison Table: Remini Vs Lensa

Comparison Table

Baby AI Image GeneratorNoYes
Sky EffectNoYes
Photo RestorationYesNo
Baby AI Image GeneratorYesNo
Seeing Your Future SelfYesNo
AI AvatarsYesYes


You can use the basic features for free in both the apps, while for advanced features you may need a paid subscription or a weekly free trial.

While both apps can be used for image enhancement and AI image generator, for advanced professional editing you may opt for full-fledged software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, etc.

Lensa can be used offline but Remini can’t as it’s attached to the cloud that needs an active internet connection for proper working.

Yes, both apps (Remini and Lensa) are suitable and easy to use for a beginner.

It depends on your specific requirements, if you need a quick photo enhancement Remini may be a better option, for more customization and filters, Lensa is preferred.

You do not need any technical experience, but your creative imagination will help your images look more visually appealing.

Final Words

In today’s age, everybody likes to perform basic and advanced levels of editing on their photos before uploading them to social media. However, selecting a good editing app might be a time-consuming task. While the choice of one app over another is personal and depends on individual requirements, you might have a better idea after reading this article. 

In this comparison between Remini and Lensa, we found that for image enhancement, Remini may be a better choice due to its advanced AI capabilities. It fine-tunes your low-quality images to high-quality ones with just a few taps.  

Lensa, on the other hand, has some additional features and effects that make it a good option for more creative work. Features like art styles, sky effects, and filters are what creative photographers need to further improve their images.