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The 5 Best AI Image Generators Online – Top Picks of 2024

Did you know that there are approximately 34 million AI images generated each day? Till August 2023, a total of 15.470 billion images have been created with the help of AI, it’s more than the actual photographers have taken in 150 years. 

According to Global Market Insights, the AI image Generator market size is expected to reach $944 million by 2032. With such a huge market increasing at a fascinating pace, let’s explore what are the best AI image generators available online.

What is an AI image Generator?

An AI image generator is a tool that uses machine learning and AI algorithms to generate images from text. You simply write creative text prompts for the images you need, and the AI image generator based on its trained data, gives you a visually appealing output in the form of images.

Top 5 Text To Image Generators

Below are the top 5 best AI image generators that can create stunning images by giving them a written prompt.

Midjourney: One of the Best AI Image Generators

Midjourney, with over 18 million users as of February 2024, and a revenue of approximately $300 million in 2023, is one of the most widely used text-to-image generators available online. It creates hyper-realistic and high-definition images that look like they were taken by a professional camera. 

an image of phoenix bird generated by Midjourney

The main factor involved in image creation is how good and effective your prompt is, the more detailed and specific your text is, the more required output you will get. One of the main competitive edges of the tool is its excellent realistic image quality. 

Midjourney can be utilised for creating content for social media, blogs, and commercial use. With the advancements in AI, it’s much easier to use your own generated images instead of buying them from stock websites, saving you a lot of money.

  • Best For: Artists, people in media and marketing, and graphics designers.


Midjourney offers four active plans. These include the Basic Plan for $10 a month, the Standard Plan for $30 a month, the Pro Plan for $60 a month, and the Mega Plan for $120 a month. You can save 20% on all plans by opting for an annual subscription.

Dall-E 3

Dall-E 3 is a heaven for generating artistic images from a text prompt. Its first version Dell-E was released in January 2021 and has since evolved into an incredible AI image generator for AI enthusiasts. It was the first text-to-image generator, developed by the company behind ChatGPT, OpenAI. 

cartoon characters studying in a library art generated by dall-e 3

Dall-E 3, one of the best AI image generators comes with ChatGPT’s Plus subscription allowing you to create stunning images from your prompts. With over 1.5 million users, it generates approximately 2 million images per day.

  • Best For: AI enthusiasts, content creators


Dall E-3 costs $20 a month, but the benefit is that it comes with ChatGPT 4.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly, as the name suggests, is an Adobe Generative AI product. It is trained on approximately 370 million Adobe stock images and other expired copyrighted images available for the public online. 

an image of phoenix bird in poly low style generated by Adobe Firefly

One of its main benefits is the generative fill feature that sets it apart from its competitors. It can create any type of art in your existing image while editing on Photoshop or Illustrator. Simply write your required prompt, and paste the generated art into your work where needed.

  • Best For: Graphic designers and creative professionals who need instant images while creating or designing their artwork.


Adobe Firefly comes with an Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Express subscription that costs $22.99 a month. It also includes 100 GB of cloud storage.

Dream Studio

Dream Studio by Stability AI is an open-source AI image generator that lets users create images based on text prompts. One of the main benefits of this generative AI tool is that it allows users to use negative prompts, which means, it lets users avoid what is not needed in the final image. It’s something that is not available in almost all the other AI image generators. 

ai art generated by dream studio

Another prominent feature is that Dream Studio allows users to select the desired image ratio, again which is not so common in other tools.

  • Best For: Graphic designers, and business professionals who may need affordable AI images.


Dream Studio offers free 25 credits for the first time, and then 1000 credits costs $10 to purchase.

Canva’s Magic Media

Canva’s AI image generator also called Magic Media is undoubtedly one of the best AI image generators. It brings your imaginative ideas to life by giving creative prompts. One of the features that you may like is the ability to select a specific style from a wide range of options. For example, in photography, you have choices like vibrant, neon, filmic, and soft focus. In digital art, you may select 3D, dreamy, retro wave, etc. And in fine art, there are options like oil painting, watercolour, ink print, etc.

an image of a bird generated by canva's magic media

You also have the option to choose the aspect ratio of the image, giving you control over the size of the image.

  • Best For: Anyone who wants custom images fast with just a text prompt.


Canva’s Magic Media offers a free plan for up to 50 AI image generations. The Pro plan costs $6.49 per month and includes premium features, allowing for up to 500 image generations. For teams, Canva offers a plan at $12.99 per month for five members, with each person able to generate up to 500 AI images.


While there isn’t a single best one, we have listed the top 5 in the article above to help you find the one that suits your needs best.

It depends on which AI image generator you have generated the photos on. Some of them allow commercial use while some have different terms and conditions. However, most AI image generators allow users to use the images for commercial use without any issues.

Adobe Firefly is considered the most used AI generator. with users generating over 2 billion images within just six months of its release. Midjourney, Dall-E3, and Dream Studio are also some of the most used ones.

An AI image generator creates images from scratch based on written prompts, while an AI avatar generator requires training on real images to create personalised avatars based on selected styles.

Remini’s AI avatar generator is widely recognized as one of the most popular options available. Other notable AI avatar generators include Magic AI Avatars, Fotor’s AI Avatar generator, and Aragon.

Yes, you can enhance existing photos with the help of many AI tools including, Remini, Topaz Photo AI, Lensa, Fotor, etc. To learn more about the best AI photo enhancers, read our comparison guide on Remini and Topaz.

Final Words

With such booming trends of AI-generated images on social media platforms, new AI image generators are released every passing month. It becomes quite difficult to select the best ones from the ocean of apps. However, based on a large number of experiments and testing, we have selected the top 5 in this article including Midjourney, Dall-E 3, Adobe Firefly, Dream Studio, and Canva’s Magic Media. Read also the 3 best photo editors for Android.

The best tool depends on your needs. Select the one that best fits your requirements and enjoy seeing your imagination live based on your creative prompts. Start creating your AI journey today!